Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

I seem to have switched language fascination

I love languages and wish I could learn ALL THE LANGUAGES!

Typically, I have one language at a time which fascinates me particularly and where I spend some time learning it (with more or less fervor); I buy books, look for web resources, and so on.

Then, at some point, another languages comes along which fascinates me similarly. And I don’t discard the previous language, but because I typically don’t have time to do even one language justice, I put it on the back burner (with all the others that are there already…). I might come back to it occasionally and am still interested in it, but I don’t spend nearly as much time on it actively.

Such “languages of the day/month/year” (I would guess that it’s typically around a year that a language survives before being supplanted; it depends on when another one strikes my fancy) have included, in the past, Niuean, Maltese, Romansh, and most recently Inuktitut.

I seem to have replaced Inuktitut with Esperanto, though. Oops.

I only noticed after I had bought a bunch of dictionaries and textbooks and started researching courses and meetings :)

All prompted, essentially, by a conversation with [profile] n_true at qepHom wa'maHDIch, wherein I noticed that I could actually hold a conversation, despite not having ever attempted this before.

Ah well. *rueful grin*

(And I wonder how far my infatuation with Inuktitut would have taken me, anyway, especially given that I haven’t been able to find information about a decent dictionary. Well, Spalding, I guess. Hm. Dangnabbit!)

Now I wonder whether I should make a new journal for my thoughts in and/or about Esperanto; I already have journals for Verdurian, Klingon, Lojban, Maltese, Romansh, and Inuktitut. (Er, not that any of them have more than one or two entries in them, and most have none… but they exist, and are theoretically for that purpose.)

Perhaps a new userpic, though.

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