Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

“Let me know if you want to be un-banned”

I just happened to look at someone’s last journal entry (let’s call them “A”), where they say that they probably won’t be posting to LiveJournal any more.

One person (“B”) said (nearly a year later) that since A’s journal was going to be inactive, B would unfriend them as part of friends list maintenance/cleanup. And that in order to keep their friend-of list tidy, B was going to ban A. (Which would cause A to no longer appear on B’s profile.)

The kicker? B ended their note saying that if A didn’t like that, they could unfriend B and let them know.

Now, once A unfriends B, B’s friends-of list will be tidy so they don’t need the ban to hide A’s name from the list. But what struck me was, how does B expect A to contact them if they banned them?

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