Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Help me get old issues of _The Gregg Writer_?

Someone pointed me to this page on Google Books which has an old issue (Volume XV) of The Gregg Writer (a magazine for shorthand writers, typists, and secretaries).

Unfortunately, when I visit that URL, I get redirected from US Google Books to German Google Books.

Apparently, the US version has a red field at the top left that reads “EBOOK - FREE” which you can hover over for a list of options, including downloading the book as PDF. For me, though, the red field reads “GET PRINT BOOK”, and underneath, it says, “No eBook available”.

I eventually got a copy of the PDF from the Internet Archive, where somebody had uploaded the book.

However, I’d be interested in other volumes of that magazine, too, and the Internet Archive only seems to have the one.

Right at the bottom of the page, just above the bibliographic information, I see “Other issues”. (Or try using the search string “editions:HARVARDHXKNLV”.) I can’t download any of them, either, but I wonder whether people in the US can? If so, could you let me have a copy of the PDFs, please? (They’re all of books published before 1923, so out of copyright and in the public domain.)

Thank you!

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