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Home teaching // leaving in a hurry // missionaries everywhere

Yesterday, I went to Viola. I was supposed to go home teaching there with Thomas Heyen at seven, but when he didn't show up at quarter past and I couldn't reach him at home or on his mobile phone, I just went over there with Stella.

We had an interesting time, talked about this and that. Thomas came over a bit later; he had forgotten about the appointment, but remembered when he listened to the message I had left on his answering machine. Before we left, we made an appointment for next month.

This morning, Stella wanted to start right off with her resolutions, including keeping the house spick and span. She wanted me to tell her which plugs could be taken out of their sockets and put in another power strip in order to reduce the cables lying around… which a bit annoying since I wanted to get off to work. I finally left, but had forgotten my lunch.

When Stella waved to me from the convervatory (? - Wintergarten; a kind of enclosed balcony), she waved with my lunch box :p. I hurried across the lawn to underneath the window and she tossed it to me… fortunately, we live on the first floor [that's "second floor" for your Leftpondians, I believe] and so it wasn't that high up and I could catch it well.

When I changed busses in Harburg, Sister Gysler and Sister Morley got out of the bus I wanted to get in. I saw them just quickly enough to say "Hi" before they went on. I was wondering what they were doing in Harburg; it's rather outside their area.

Then, several stops later, our elders got on the bus. I told them about meeting the sisters and they said that they had spent some time with our ward's sisters. That would make sense, since they live further down the same bus line.

Now at work. We'll see how things will go; there's a fair amount of stuff to be done by Sunday night, and I may be in tomorrow morning as well.

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