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Moving bus stops

The bus stop "Harburger Ring", which had been in a different place due to construction work for months suddenly moved back to its original position. And there was no notice!

Apparently, not even the bus drivers knew about it -- when I got off, the bus stopped at the old spot. It was only after the bus I wanted to take next drove straight past that I noticed there was no longer a bus stop sign there. So I had to walk on down the street to the previous location and wait for the next bus there.

This was on Monday. Yesterday (Tuesday), I was in the bus and it drove post the old bus stop -- where people had been waiting. They had to run towards the new bus stop. There was still no sign up that the bus stop had moved back.

Usually, when a stop moves, they put up a sign a couple of days in advance saying "from day X to day Y, this bus stop will be in position Z". Why didn't they do that this time?
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