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A fool and his money…

Here in Germany, you have to put a coin into a shopping trolley in order to release it from the chain that connects it to the next shopping trolley.

So this evening, I go shopping, put my coin into the shopping trolley, and head inside.

Then I notice that my hand sticking to my sleeve a bit; I look at it and see that the side of my hand has already pulled a little thread off my sleeve. I look closer and see that there’s glue on two of my fingers as well.

The glue seems to have come from the right-hand side of the shopping trolley handle, which looks a little wet. Odd.

I think no more of it and push the trolley mostly with my left hand.

When I’ve finished shopping, I discover what the point of the glue most likely was: when I put the little “tongue” of the chain of the shopping trolley in front into my own, the little “tray” with the coin pops out, but my coin is stuck firmly to the tray. I try to pry it off, but no dice.

Feh. What a dirty trick to play.

No doubt the swindler will be back later with some solvent to get hold of the coin.

Back home, I can’t get rid of the glue, either; I try some soap and some vegetable oil, which help a little, but there are still a couple of spots of skin that feel rough, where the glue has dried. At least it doesn’t seem sticky any more, and it doesn’t seem to have glued any of my skin together (though it was a close call at the side of my hand, where the glue nearly solidified over a fold in the hand).

Now I guess I’ll just wait for my skin to renew itself and slough off the old skin cells that are now on top and that have the glue on them.

Still annoying.

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