Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

I has a chop!

A while ago, I found a Postcrossing user who lives on the Pescadores (Penghu Islands) near Taiwan Island, and asked them whether they would swap postcards with me.

She agreed, and so I sent her a postcard (with Krtek the Czech mole, I think).

A couple of days ago, I got a notification in my letterbox that there was a registered letter waiting for me at the post office (since the postman hadn’t encountered anyone at home when he tried to deliver it). Strange, I thought: who could have sent it?

I went to pick it up today and it was from Kate! Inside were not only a viewcard of Tongpan Island (with a distinctive look due to the basalt columns on it) and some bookmarks from Tungpan Artist Village, but also a chop with my Chinese name on it! What a surprise!

Now I need to find some red stamp ink, I suppose.

The chop is made of 文石, Kate said; Perapera-kun says that’s aragonite, though a quick google gave me the impression that on Penghu (or possibly in Taiwan in general), that term may refer to something else.

So! I has a chop.


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