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Meike's wedding

Yesterday, Stella and I went to Meike's wedding.

We took the train to Horneburg and hoped someone would pick us up at the station; when nobody did, we took a taxi to Bliedersdorf.

Finding a taxi was fairly easy, since there was a sign at the train station saying "Taxi 100m -->"; however, finding a driver was a little involved since all the taxis parked on the parking lot were empty. We called the number on the side of the taxi from Stella's cell phone; after a minute or so, someone came out of the house next to the lot and came to us. Apparently, the thing to do is walk up to the house and use the intercom there. Not so easy to know for someone from out of town.

We arrived about ten minutes late but the service hadn't yet got underway properly, so we quietly filed into a free pew. The clergyman gave a little sermon on marriage and then married the two. Afterwards, their little baby Wiebke was baptised.

After the wedding, we went to Neukloster for the reception; two friends of Meike's were kind enough to take us along in their car.

I felt rather honoured to be there, since nearly everyone there was related to the couple, except for a neighbour family and a very few friends. I got to know some of Meike's relations (there didn't seem to be many from Wolfgang's side of the family), especially Carsten, Marge(sp?), and Jennifer. Carsten moved to England and, recently, to Scotland and married an Englishwoman. It was interesting listening to him speak; his German had an English accent, not so much in the pronunciation but in the "melody" of his sentences. His English sounded like regional English from that area, as near as I could tell by comparing with Marge's English.

There was someone there who took pictures of the married couple with all of the guests in turn; this took quite a while.

The food was very good; there were platters of vegetables that you could help yourself from and bowls of croquettes (are they called that in English?) and potatoes; waiters came around and served you cuts of meat if you wanted. The dessert was vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream; also very good.

We wanted to leave shortly after nine, since we were both getting rather tired. We decided to wait for Meike and Wolfgang to come back; they had withdrawn to a hotel room upstairs to nurse Wiebke (which, I can imagine, may have been rather involved since it probably involved peeling Meike out of her wedding dress and then getting her back in afterwards).

Since trains at that hour were few and far between and we didn't want to wait an hour and a bit until the next train came (though this was "only" forty minutes by the time we actually left), we decided to take a taxi to Neugraben, the end of the S-Bahn line; trains there leave every twenty minutes.

We walked down to Neukloster railway station, but didn't find a taxi rank there, so we called a taxi from Horneburg (I had thought to pocket a calling card from the taxi company, which bore the number). We got home at around half-past ten, which was a decent enough time, if slightly late for me. Still, it was about an hour earlier than we would probably have been home had we waited for the train. (On the other hand, that would have been a fair sight cheaper.)

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