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XML on Windows, part the next

OK, today I tried to get XML::LibXML working.

Again, I failed because a necessary DLL wasn't installed: this time, it was libxml2.dll.

Thanks to the power of Google, I found "Installing an XSLT processor" fairly quickly. This linked to Igor Zlatkovic's website, which has since moved (the correct page is now

This page contains Windows binaries of libxml, libxslt, libexslt, and iconv. Let's see how far I get with those.

Edit: Hm, no dice: doing perl -MXML::LibXML -de1 complains about not being able to find xmlIndentTreeOutput in libxml2.dll. Darn.

Edit 2: I finally found a suitable libxml2.dll—at any rate, I can run perl -MXML::LibXML -de1 without any pop-up error messages. I got it from

Edit 3: There's a small account of my searches in an email to the Perl-XML mailing list.

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