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Please to be keeping your eyes on the traffic kthx

This afternoon, while coming back from work, the bus driver was having a conversation with the lady in the front seat. He kept turning his head towards her while doing so—one second looking at the traffic, one second looking back, one second forward, one second back…

This rather unnerved me. Someone talking while driving can probably be OK, but if he keeps looking back all the time, I start feeling uneasy and unsafe.

After this had been going on for a while, I stood up and asked the later to continue the conversation later, telling her I felt uneasy and why. Fortunately, she agreed and so did the bus driver.

And so I arrived home safely, though a little late due to the usual early-evening traffic congestion… reminding me why I tend not to finish work around the time I did so today.

Only a bit more than three hours until I leave for Paris *nervous*

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