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Password Safe

I've recently started using Password Safe (originally by Bruce Schneier) to keep track of some of my passwords… and also to generate some new passwords.

Part of what triggered this was seeing that somebody had scribbled in my Blurty (two entries which I've since deleted).

Having the same password in multiple places is convenient but insecure; choosing different passwords for lots of places is hard to remember. Password Safe makes it easier by generating random passwords for new places and remembering them in one place.

The disadvantage is that I need to have Password Safe around (and keep it synchronised between home and work), or else I have no hope of remembering the passwords.

Thankfully, it seems that there's a version out for Pocket PC… the project page says it needs Pocket PC 2000, but perhaps it'll also work with what I have (3.0?). So then I can carry the passwords around with me.

Have to see how things work out in practice.

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