Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

This evening, four ticket inspectors got on the bus while it was waiting at the traffic light after having left Harburg station.

When they got to this one guy, he refused to show his ticket but claimed he had one. He kept ranting about how the bus driver wasn't allowed to open the doors in between bus stops and how they shouldn't have been there. They called the police to the next bus stop and got out there with him -- he was still protesting that they couldn't do anything.

On an unrelated note, Stella was up and about when I came home today. She'll be helping Hella with the buffet at the concert tomorrow.

I had planned on going to the International Fair (ex-"Holiday Fair") at my old school tomorrow with Stella, but she said she'd probably need to stay home to go shopping and prepare things. But she said that if I didn't leave before 11, then she might be able to go along since she could go shopping when shops open in the morning. We'll have to see how things work out tomorrow morning.

It's the company's Christmas evening this evening but I didn't go along. Originally, Harald and Anika had invited us out this evening to celebrate Harald's birthday on Wednesday, so I had declined the invitation to the company because of the prior engagement.

Because Stella wasn't feeling well this week, we had cancelled the appointment but I didn't want to attend the Christmas evening at such short notice -- partly because we had been asked to order the main course in advance so they'd have an idea of what everyone wanted, partly because Stella wouldn't be able to come along, and partly because I didn't particularly fancy coming home smelling like an ashtray.
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