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Nose :: Rodizio

For the past two nights, I've been able to sleep without using my nose spray. That felt kind of good. My nose was still a little stuffy but it was open enough that I could sleep.

Last night, Stella and I went out eating with Anika and Harald again. This time, we went to a restaurant called "Hacienda" in Jesteburg.

They had "Rodizio" there, which is sort of like a buffet—only instead of your going to a table and collecting things, they have people walking around putting things on your plate. Mostly meats cut directly from the spit they were roasted on (as much as you like), and in between plates with things such as rice, vegetables, or mushrooms. All you can eat for one price.

The way we read the menu, they were offering a "birthday special" of €5 off on Rodizio during July and August, though as it turned out later, that offer was only valid from Sunday to Thursday. The flyer in the menu was a little misleading in this respect because it noted that fact on the cover but not inside where it repeated the offer.

Anika and Harald decided to go for the Rodizio; I thought it would be too warm for much meat but decided to go along, especially since I thought it would be cheaper. The price also included a free plate from the salad bar. Stella had a vegetable dish with cheese on top and a side order of chips and sour cream.

It was, once again, an enjoyable evening talking with the two. Sometimes we had to fend off over-eager cortadores who insisted on cutting off two pieces of meat even though we only wanted one, or who gave someone something they didn't want (and I got two little stains on my shirt and trousers from one of the pieces of meat while the cortador was cutting).

Since we were sitting outside, we didn't have a problem with smoke, either; the people at the tables next to us were non-smokers as well and those at tables further away didn't bother us because the smoke drifted away rather than being collected by the walls and ceiling.

I can say we all definitely ate our fill. We probably can't go out again this month since it did turn out to be rather expensive—€83 for the four of us. Oh well. Every once in a while you've got to enjoy yourself, I think :)

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