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Having my sisters over

Ireen, Jennifer, and Elaine came over today to celebrate Stella's birthday a little. Ireen brought little Emily along.

We talked a little bit, played Magic (nothing to do with MtG, the collectible card game), and ate cake.

Nothing much, but I was still glad when they left since long social occasions tend to tire me.

They offered to take some of our luggage, since Daddy and Inka are in Tornesch over the weekend and had offered to take some luggage down in the car when they go back on Monday. Stella gave them a suitcase containing most of our things; that means that we'll only have to take along food and things we need for the journey itself when we go down to the temple tomorrow.

On the way back, we'll have to lug the suitcase ourselves, but c'est la vie.

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