Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Second day in the temple (morning)

This morning started off much like yesterday: with a baptismal session followed by IO.

Brother Blume asked me whether I would be willing to baptise, and I agreed. I wondered whether I would baptise Nadine and thought that would be nifty.

However, I spent most of the session in the small room next to the baptistry, participating in confirmations. When I popped back into the baptistry to pick up more names, I saw that Nadine's husband Benjamin was baptising her. That's probably nicer for both of them.

After the IO, I decided to shower in the temple because of the low water pressure in our room.

The water was better there but the towel they gave me was too small: it was the size of the towel I usually use for my hair alone. But I managed somehow.
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