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A session and a sealing

I had planned to attend an endowment session with Stella at three o'clock this afternoon. It turned out that a Romanian sister would receive her own endowment during that session.

Brother and Sister Matern led that session; they asked Stella and me to be the witness couple.

The young Romanian sister was going to be sealed to her husband after that endowment session; her husband was also there and sat next to me.

Fortunately for them, everything went fine for them (when Stella and I married, there was an unfortunate mishap).

I was curious about the sealing because I thought it might be in Romanian, so I asked the groom whether I might attend, and he let me do so.

President Cziesla, the temple president, performed the sealing in English; there was a copy of the sealing ceremony text in Romanian on the altar for the couple to follow along.

It was a fine occasion, not least because I could hear the ceremony in English for what is, I believe, the first time and also because it reminded me of my own wedding. And the couple looked so lovely and happy!
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