Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Friday evening

My goodness--is it Friday already? The week seems to have flown by.

On Wednesday evening, we went out to a restaurant with the family. My father paid the whole bill, asking us to reimburse him afterwards; I was not completely happy with that since it meant, among other things, that we needed small change.

On Thursday, we had a sealing session with the family. Among other things, my father was sealed to his parents.

I talked a bit more with Brother and Sister Defranchi (pronounced with [k] rather than [S] since it's a Corsican, not a French, name). Sister Defranchi is from Taiwan; I also found out how to spell her Chinese name (Lo Lan): 羅蘭 luó lán. The whole family speaks Chinese (Brother Defranchi studied it) and the children have Chinese names, too.

Today, I was in a baptismal session in French with Brother Defranchi, his daughter, and another French brother.

This afternoon, we had a conversation with Nadine and Benjamin; it was very interesting and enjoyable to speak with them. I don't think I've talked with Nadine for so long before, which made the occasion all the more special. In the evening, after we had gone shopping, Nadine and Benjamin asked whether they could join us, which they (and later their parents) did; we had another very enjoyable time.

But now it's late and I want to go to bed. Good night!
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