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Home, sweet Home

Ah—looks as if the journal updates I wrote on my PDA got posted, though the order is a bit messed up. (Apologies for the Friends page spam, though I hope it wasn't that bad.)

I helped Jennifer and Ireen into the train to Pinneberg, which involved a bit of wrestling with the lifts. At first, they didn't want to come, though we had pressed the button several times.

After a while, I decided to go down the stairs and send the lift up manually, but I couldn't get the door to open. I finally found the right button for that and went up; then the door kept wanting to close while we were putting everything into the lift.

Once we got down safely, we found that trains only run to Pinneberg every 20 minutes rather than every 10 this weekend due to repairs on some bridge or other. So Stella was waiting for me quite a while up at the bus stop.

But finally we got home, and the house is still standing. Oh, and I've got volume five of Harry Potter from Ireen; she had borrowed it from Elaine but had finished reading it on the trip and passed it on to me since Elaine won't need it until she's finished reading volumes three and four.

But no Harry Potter for me this weekend; I still have to prepare my lesson for tomorrow.


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