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Rice with TT sauce

From a recipe I learned on my mission from my first companion, Elder Gonthier. (Though it's probably altered a fair bit due to the fact that I hardly ever cook and never wrote down the recipe but always make it from memory, probably a bit differently every time.)

I made this for us today since Stella didn't feel like cooking. It's rice with a tomato-and-tuna-fish sauce.

Rice with TT sauce, for Stella and me.
(Other people will probably want to use more rice.)
Cut up
one medium-large onion or two small onionsinto little pieces. Fry in oil until brown. Then add
one tin of skinned, chopped tomatoes(careful: adding the water to a hot frying pan may cause drops of tomato juice or tomato pieces to splash) and
one small tin of tuna fish(optionally, add
sliced champignons.) Keep boiling on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Season with
oreganoto taste.
Meanwhile, put
150 g riceand
300 ml waterinto a pot; cover with a lid. Bring to boil and reduce heat to medium; keep simmering until there are little "tunnels" in the rice and the water has boiled away completely.
To serve: put rice on plate, cover with TT sauce.
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