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Small shock in the morning

I opened my email this morning to find a message from the LiveJournal Friends monitor.

Hm, friended by sparkofcreation… never heard of him/her. Ignore them. Scroll down… ack! sparkofcreation unfriended me! What did I do to her? *ponder*

Wait one. Maybe she just changed her name.

Fortunately, LJFM emails are helpful in that they include interests and community memberships of people who have friended you.

*glances briefly over interests* hm, español… interpretación judicial… ah, that's probably sparkofcreation then. (Looking at the community memberships probably would have been faster in this case, actually, but interests come first in the email.) *phew*

Sometimes I wish people wouldn't change their usernames; it always tends to confuse me :)

(Although people changing their default userpic after having kept one for a long time can also be a bit challenging sometimes. I think I just like having things stay the same. Fortunately, Stella doesn't constantly rearrange the living room furniture the way I've heard some other women do.)

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