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Out of curiosity, I decided to have a look at kokuji ("Chinese" characters created by the Japanese) and had a look to see what KANJIDIC said were kokuji.

Most of them appear to be animal and plant names, which makes sense (flora and fauna native to one country would not be represented in a writing system developed in another). A bunch, though, are (IMO) rather questionable kanji devised for metric measurements such as "centilitre" or "kilogram", based on a character for the base unit and a character for the fraction or multiple.

Interestingly, many kokuji have Chinese and/or Korean readings as well; I suppose they were later adopted into those languages, or perhaps the readings are largely theoretical (modelled on the "sound clue" of those characters).

Here is the list, pretty much straight from KANJIDIC: those entries marked "{(kokuji)}". The more interesting parts are probably Uxxxx (Unicode code point), Yabc (Pinyin reading), Wabc (Korean reading), and {xyz} (English meaning).

3073 U9c2f B195 S21 N5318 V6904 L2813 MN46413X MP12.0765 P1-11-10 I11a10.3 Q2732.7 Yruo4 Wyag いわし {sardine} {(kokuji)}
335F U6a2b B75 S16 F2297 N2357 V2849 L2491 MN15485 MP6.0536 P1-4-12 I4a12.5 Q4791.4 Yjian1 Wgyeon かし {evergreen oak} {(kokuji)}
364E U7c81 B119 S9 N3463 V4383 L2946 MN26858 MP8.0887 P1-6-3 I6b3.2 Q9294.0 Yqian1 Wcheon キロメートル {kilometer} {(kokuji)}
3674 U55b0 B30 S12 N955 V849 H552 L2182 O1832 MN4015 MP2.1114 P1-3-9 I3d9.1 Q6803.2 Yshi2 Ysi4 Wsig く.う く.らう T1 じき {eat} {drink} {receive (a blow)} {(kokuji)}
397E U8fbc B162 G8 S5 S4 F675 N4660 V6010 H3030 DK1917 L780 K280 O178 DO987 MN38712P MP11.0002 E1275 IN776 DC396 DJ961 DB2.9 DG675 P3-3-2 I2q2.3 Q3830.0 DR3562 ZSP3-2-2 Wib -こ.む こ.む こ.み -こ.み こ.める T1 こみ ごめ {crowded} {mixture} {in bulk} {included} {(kokuji)}
3A67 U698a B75 S13 F2094 N2330 V2756 L2490 O2106 MN15352X MP6.0500 P1-4-9 Q4590.6 Wsin さかき {sacred Shinto tree} {(kokuji)}
3C32 U9d2b B102 S16 N3013 V6948 MN46831 MP12.0820 P1-5-11 I5f11.1 Q6702.7 Wjeon しぎ {snipe} {(kokuji)}
4138 U7cce B119 S15 N3481 V4413 L2947 MN27057 MP8.0916 P1-6-9 I6b9.4 Q9191.4 Yli2 Wri センチメートル せんち {centimeter} {(kokuji)}
427C U51e7 B16 S5 F2117 N655 V434 L2139 MN1749 MP2.0168 P3-2-3 I2s3.1 Q7721.0 Wgwe いかのぼり たこ {kite} {(kokuji)}
432D U9c48 B195 S22 N5328 V6916 L2819 MN46470X MP12.0769 P1-11-11 I11a11.1 Q2137.4 Q2137.7 Yxue3 Wseol セツ たら {codfish} {(kokuji)}
444E U6802 B75 S9 N2227 V2618 L2488 O1097 MN14686 MP6.0293 P1-4-5 I4a5.7 Q4795.0 Ymei2 Wmo つが とが {hemlock} {(kokuji)}
4454 U8fbb B162 S5 S4 F1614 N4662 V6012 H3192 L279 K1474 O320 DO1881 MN38711X MP11.0001 P3-3-2 I2q2.2 Q3430.0 ZRP3-4-2 ZSP3-3-2 Wsib つじ {crossing} {crossroad} {street corners} {(kokuji)}
462F U50cd B9 G4 S13 XJ0503E F417 N532 V297 H153 DK113 L1678 K444 DO170 MN1079 MP1.0920 E558 IN232 DS488 DT612 DC137 DJ192 DB3.15 DG132 P1-2-11 I2a11.1 Q2422.7 DR2145 Ydong4 Wdong ドウ リュク リキ ロク リョク はたら.く {work} {(kokuji)}
463D U5ce0 B46 G8 S9 F1941 N1416 V1464 H358 DK265 L773 K1751 O1081 DO1473 MN8068 MP4.0247 E1663 IN1351 DJ1849 DG542 P1-3-6 I3o6.3 Q2173.1 DR1254 Wsang とうげ {mountain peak} {mountain pass} {climax} {crest} {(kokuji)}
464A U6803 B75 S9 XJ05B3D F1427 N2220 V2613 L514 K1209 O865 MN14687 MP00.0000 P1-4-5 I4a5.28 Q4292.7 Whoe とち {horse chestnut} {(kokuji)}
4655 U5678 B30 S16 N1005 V910 H752 L2949 MN4429 MP2.1164 P1-3-13 I3d13.3 Q6108.6 Ydun1 Ydun4 Wton トン {tonnage} {(kokuji)}
4664 U51ea B16 G9 S6 N657 V437 DK1898 L2140 MN1758 MP2.0168 IN2027 P3-2-4 I2s4.3 Q7721.0 Wji なぎ な.ぐ {lull} {calm} {(kokuji)}
4677 U5302 B20 S4 F2213 N742 V567 H2944 L2147 O73 DO1895 MN2503 MP2.0427 P3-2-2 I0a4.7 Q2772.0 DR2552 Wnae にお.う にお.い にお.わせる T1 おり こう さぎ {fragrant} {stink} {glow} {insinuate} {(kokuji)}
482A U7551 B86 C102 G3 S9 F1176 N2757 V3741 H905 DK611 L166 K1216 O838 DO699 MN21797 MP7.1090 E369 IN36 DS302 DT341 DJ872 DG1337 P1-4-5 I4d5.1 Q9680.0 DR1176 ZPP1-1-8 Ytian2 Wjeon はた はたけ -ばたけ T1 かま まま {farm} {field} {garden} {one's specialty} {(kokuji)}
482B U7560 B106 C102 S10 F1860 N3102 V3747 H2578 L2916 O1198 MN21827 MP7.1101 P2-5-5 I5f5.3 Q2660.0 Wjeon はたけ はた T1 はな {field} {farm} {garden} {(kokuji)}
4838 U567a B30 S16 XH4358 F2308 N998 V903 L2176 MN4433 MP2.1164 P1-3-13 I3d13.2 Q6202.1 Wsin はなし {talk} {(kokuji)}
4946 U92f2 B167 S15 N4862 V6277 L2763 MN40503 MP11.0557 P1-8-7 I8a7.7 Q8218.1 Wbyeong びょう {rivet} {tack} {thumbtack} {(kokuji)}
4A3D U5840 B32 G8 S12 XH1103 F1991 N1131 V1051 H557 DK407 L1056 K1998 O1559 MN5316 MP3.0224 E1777 IN1805 DJ1439 DG384 P1-3-9 I3b9.11 Q4714.1 DR1455 Wbyeong ヘイ ベイ {fence} {wall} {(kokuji)}
4B6F U67fe B75 G9 S9 N2228 V2619 DK606 L2489 O861 MN14675 MP6.0293 IN2107 P1-4-5 I4a5.15 Q4191.1 Yjiu4 Wgu Wjeong まさ まさめ まさき {straight grain} {spindle tree} {(kokuji)}
4B73 U4fe3 B9 S9 F1585 N437 V202 L2127 O779 MN718 MP1.0804 P1-2-7 I2a7.12 Q2623.4 Yyu3 Wo また T1 ばた {crotch} {thigh} {groin} {(kokuji)}
4B7B U9ebf B53 G9 S18 N5396 V7044 H3184 DK2034 L2894 O2786 DO2000 MN47909P MP12.0945 IN2281 P3-3-15 I3q15.2 Q0026.6 ZPP3-11-7 Wma まろ T1 ま {I} {you} {(kokuji)}
4C30 U7c8d B119 S10 N3465 V4387 L2948 MN26881 MP8.0891 P1-6-4 I6b4.2 Q9291.4 Yli2 Wmo ミリメートル みり {millimeter (affix)} {(kokuji)}
4C5D U6762 B75 S7 N2177 V2548 O486 MN14487 MP6.0168 P2-4-3 I4a3.13 Q4010.1 Wmog モク {woodworker} {(kokuji)}
4C62 U7c7e B119 S9 N3464 V4384 L2651 O887 MN26853X MP8.0887 P1-6-3 Q9795.0 Yni2 Win もみ {unhulled rice} {(kokuji)}
4C68 U5301 B4 C20 G8 S4 N159 V566 H3465 DK2161 L1027 K2044 DO1819 MN2502 MP2.0427 E1858 IN1902 DJ1916 DG229 P4-4-4 I0a4.38 Q2745.0 DR2547 Wmun もんめ め ひゃくめ {monme} {3.75 grams} {(kokuji)}
4C7A U9453 B167 S21 N4921 V6343 L2767 O2953 MN40998X MP11.0653 P1-8-13 Q8513.7 Yqiang1 Wgyeon やり {spear} {javelin} {(kokuji)}
4F48 U67a0 B75 G8 S8 F922 N2205 V2585 H866 DK582 L200 K2047 MN14576 MP6.0248 E1943 IN1907 DJ510 DG1082 P1-4-4 I4a4.19 Q4494.1 DR1855 わく {frame} {framework} {spindle} {spool} {bounding-box} {(kokuji)}
505F U4fe4 B9 S9 XH5087 N435 V200 MN719 MP1.0804 P1-2-7 I2a7.18 Q2822.7 Yti4 Wje おもかげ T1 てい {(kokuji)}
5060 U4fe5 B9 S9 N436 V201 MN720 MP1.0804 P1-2-7 I2a7.2 Q2520.6 Yche1 Wgeo くるま {jinricksha} {(kokuji)}
515E U51e9 B16 S6 N656 V436 MN1757 MP2.0168 P3-2-4 I2s4.1 Q7721.0 Wmog こがらし {wintry wind} {(kokuji)}
525D U53fa B30 S5 N870 V688 MN3267 MP2.0791 P1-3-2 I3d2.6 Q6800.0 Ychi3 Wib かます {straw bag} {(kokuji)}
5326 U54d8 B30 S9 V772 MN0 MP00.0000 P1-3-6 I3d6.2 Q6102.1 さそ.う {(kokuji)} {invite} {entice}
542A U5737 B32 S6 V972 O240 MN4900 MP3.0146 P1-3-3 I3b3.4 Q4113.0 あくつ {low-lying land} {(kokuji)}
542B U5738 B32 S6 V971 MN0 MP00.0000 P1-3-3 I3b3.3 Q4217.0 まま {steep slope} {(kokuji)}
5432 U5788 B32 S8 V991 MN0 MP3.0174 P2-5-3 I3b5.10 Q2310.4 Wdae ハツ ボチ ぬた {plough} {cultivate} {swamp} {wetlands} {(kokuji)}
554E U5b36 B38 S17 N1261 V1274 MN6849 MP3.0770 P1-3-14 I3e14.1 Q4642.1 Wbi かか かかあ {wife (vulg)} {(kokuji)}
576A U603a B61 S8 N1656 V1810 MN10513 MP4.1019 P1-3-5 I4k5.13 Q9303.2 Wyeong こら.える {endure} {(kokuji)}
5B3C U6763 B75 S7 N2186 V2556 O626 MN14488 MP6.0168 P1-4-3 I4a3.3 Q4297.0 Wsan そま {timber} {lumber} {woodcutter} {(kokuji)}
5B46 U67a1 B75 S8 XJ04B71 N2207 V2587 H860 MN14577 MP6.0248 P1-4-4 I4a4.6 Q4490.0 Ydou3 Wseung ます {measuring box} {(kokuji)}
5C2F U691a B75 S12 N2288 V2733 O1618 MN15064 MP6.0420 P1-4-8 I4a8.2 Q4792.0 Wreug くにぎ くぬぎ {oak used for charcoal} {(kokuji)}
5D5B U6bdf B4 C82 S8 XJ1463E N207 V3014 MN16790 MP6.0821 P2-4-4 I3n5.1 Q9071.4 Wmo むし.る {pluck} {pick} {tear} {(kokuji)}
5F7D U71f5 B86 S17 N2799 V3477 MN19504 MP7.0551 P1-4-13 I4d12.6 Q9483.4 Wdal タツ {foot warmer} {(kokuji)}
6123 U74e7 B98 S7 N2978 V3691 MN21442 MP7.0998 P3-5-2 I2k5.2 Q1471.0 Wsib デカグラム {10 grams} {(kokuji)}
6124 U74e9 B98 S8 N2979 V3692 MN21450 MP7.0999 P3-5-3 I2k6.6 Q1271.4 Yqian2 Ywa3 Wcheon キログラム {1000 grams} {(kokuji)}
6127 U74f0 B98 S9 N2980 V3695 MN21465 MP7.1000 P3-5-4 I2o7.9 Q1871.2 Wbun デシグラム {0.1 gram} {(kokuji)}
6128 U74f1 B98 S9 N2981 V3696 MN21466 MP7.1000 P3-5-4 I0a9.6 Q1271.1 Wmo ミリグラム {0.001 gram} {(kokuji)}
6129 U74f8 B98 S11 N2983 V3698 MN21499 MP7.1002 P3-5-6 I4c7.16 Q1171.6 Wbaeg ヘクトグラム {100 grams} {(kokuji)}
612D U7505 B98 S14 N2985 V3702 MN21561 MP7.1008 P3-5-9 I2p12.6 Q1171.1 Wri センチグラム {centigram} {(kokuji)}
617B U766a B104 S21 N3086 V3853 MN22626 MP7.1209 P3-5-16 I5i16.2 Q0018.6 Yji1 Wjeog しゃく {spasms} {(kokuji)}
6367 U7acd B117 S7 N3344 V4224 MN25726 MP8.0702 P1-5-2 I5b2.1 Q0410.0 Yshi2 Ygong1 Ysheng1 Wsib デカリットル {decalitre} {(kokuji)}
6368 U7acf B117 S8 N3345 V4225 MN25731 MP8.0702 P1-5-3 I5b3.1 Q0214.0 Yqian1 Ygong1 Ysheng1 Wcheon キロリットル {kilolitre} {(kokuji)}
6369 U7ad5 B117 S9 N3348 V4227 MN25740 MP8.0702 P1-5-4 I5b4.2 Q0812.7 Wbun デシリットル {decilitre} {(kokuji)}
636A U7ad3 B117 S9 N3349 V4228 MN25738 MP8.0702 P1-5-4 I5b4.1 Q0211.4 Yqian1 Yfen1 Yzhi1 Yyi1 Ygong1 Ygong1 Wmo ミリリットル {millilitre} {(kokuji)}
636E U7ae1 B117 S11 N3353 V4233 MN25767 MP8.0714 P1-5-6 I5b6.2 Q0116.0 Yyi1 Ygong1 Ysheng1 Ydeyi1 Ybai3 Ysi4 Wbaeg ヘクトリットル {hectolitre} {(kokuji)}
6372 U7af0 B117 S14 N3360 V4241 MN25808 MP8.0727 P1-5-9 I5b9.3 Q0111.4 Yshao2 Wri センチリットル {centilitre} {(kokuji)}
6449 U7c13 B118 S17 N3438 V4349 MN26494 MP8.0846 P2-6-11 I6f11.1 Q8822.2 Wjo ささら {bamboo whisk} {(kokuji)}
6462 U7c75 B119 S8 N3462 V4381 MN26837 MP8.0886 P1-6-2 I6b2.1 Q9490.0 Yfan2 Wsib デカメートル {dekametre} {(kokuji)}
646A U7ca8 B119 S12 N3476 V4401 MN26949 MP8.0902 P1-6-6 I6b6.3 Q9196.0 Ybai3 Wbaeg ヘクトメートル {hectometre} {(kokuji)}
654F U7e05 B120 S15 N3572 V4540 H1391 MN27730 MP8.1138 P1-6-9 I6a9.2 Q2395.0 Wwi おど.す {the thread/braid (of armour)} {(kokuji)}
665E U8062 B128 S14 N3710 V4729 MN29113 MP9.0217 P1-6-8 I6e8.1 Q1318.1 Wjeong しか しかと {certainly} {(kokuji)}
6868 U84d9 B140 S13 S14 N4008 V5142 MN31709X MP9.0852 P2-3-10 I3k10.28 Q4421.4 ZRP2-4-10 Wjwa ザ ござ {mat} {matting} {(kokuji)}
6A61 U88c3 B145 S11 N4228 V5447 MN34282 MP10.0215 P1-5-6 I5e6.5 Q3123.1 かみしも {old ceremonial garb} {samurai garb} {(kokuji)}
6A62 U88c4 B145 S11 N4231 V5451 MN34283 MP10.0215 P1-5-6 I5e6.1 Q3122.1 Whaeng ゆき {sleeve length} {(kokuji)}
6A6D U8904 B145 S13 N4246 V5470 MN34410 MP10.0242 P1-5-8 I5e8.5 Q3524.4 Wcheo つま {skirt} {(kokuji)}
6B27 U8977 B145 S22 N4272 V5512 MN34737 MP10.0278 P1-5-17 I5e17.1 Q3725.2 たすき {cord to hold up sleeves} {(kokuji)}
6B5C U8ada B149 S15 N4376 V5631 MN35682 MP10.0523 P1-7-8 I7a8.12 Q0368.1 Ypian2 Wjeong ジョウ {command} {(kokuji)}
6D3F U8ebe B158 S16 N4605 V5934 L2942 MN38123 MP10.0975 P1-7-9 I4f12.2 Q2823.4 Wmi しつ.ける しつけ {training} {(kokuji)}
6D41 U8ec8 B158 S24 N4607 V5938 MN38167 MP10.0977 P1-7-17 I8c16.1 Q2023.1 Weung やがて {soon after} {presently} {almost} {all but} {no more than} {after all} {(kokuji)}
6D68 U8fb7 B162 S5 XH2663 N4659 V6009 H3191 MN38703 MP11.0001 P3-4-1 I2q1.1 Q3130.0 ZSP3-3-1 Wil すべ.る すべ.らす {1st use of rad} {(kokuji)}
6D69 U8fda B162 S8 N4668 V6018 MN38773 MP11.0015 P3-4-4 I2q4.1 Q3530.6 Wjung とても T1 とて {some way or other} {very} {(kokuji)}
6F25 U933a B167 S15 N4859 V6274 O2337 MN40596X MP11.0591 P1-8-7 I8a7.8 Q8412.7 Yzhui4 Wbang かざり {metal jewelry} {(kokuji)}
6F31 U93b9 B167 S18 N4886 V6309 MN40766 MP11.0617 P1-8-10 I8a9.11 Q8813.3 Yrong2 Wsong かすがい {clamp} {(kokuji)}
6F5B U958a B169 S11 XH2039 N4943 V6384 MN41229 MP11.0711 P3-8-3 I8e3.2 Q7777.2 Wsan つか.える {to be obstructed} {to be blocked} {(kokuji)}
705D U9786 B177 S14 XJ07058 N5093 V6580 MN42794 MP12.0159 P1-9-5 I3k11.24 Q4152.7 Ymo4 Wbyeong とも {archer's arm protector} {(kokuji)}
7124 U98aa B1 C182 S12 N65 V6664 MN43769 MP12.0345 P2-3-9 I6d6.14 Q1021.7 Wpung おろし {wind from mountains} {(kokuji)}
713B U9942 B184 S19 N5178 V6708 MN44339 MP12.0423 P1-9-10 I8b10.2 Q8671.7 Yyun2 Won ウン うどん {Japanese noodles} {(kokuji)}
723B U9b96 B195 S16 V6849 MN46089 MP12.0739 P1-11-5 I11a5.1 Q2136.0 かじか {bullhead} {(kokuji)}
723C U9b97 B195 S16 V6850 MN46091X MP12.0739 P1-11-5 I11a5.6 Q2733.3 Wdong このしろ {gizzard shad} {(kokuji)}
723E U9ba0 B195 S17 N5292 V6860 MN46112X MP12.0740 P1-11-6 I11a6.6 Q2731.2 Ywei2 Woe カイ ゲ ガイ はえ はや {dace (carp)} {(kokuji)}
7245 U9bcf B195 S18 V6868 MN46201 MP12.0751 P1-11-7 I11a7.5 Q2230.0 Wri あさり うぐい {short necked clam} {dace} {chub} {(kokuji)}
7246 U9bd1 B195 S18 V6869 MN46203 MP12.0751 P1-11-7 I11a7.8 Q2432.7 Wheui かずのこ {yellow fish (herring) eggs (sushi)} {(kokuji)}
7247 U9bd2 B195 S18 N5296 V6870 MN46204 MP12.0751 P1-11-7 I11a7.7 Q2732.7 Yyong3 Wtong こち {flathead (fish)} {(kokuji)} {(kokuji)}
724F U9bf1 B195 S19 N5306 V6885 MN46286 MP12.0757 P1-11-8 I11a8.10 Q2131.7 Who しゃちほこ しゃち {fabulous dolphin-like fish} {killer whale} {(kokuji)}
7250 U9bf0 B195 S19 N5300 V6879 O2829 MN46285 MP12.0757 P1-11-8 I11a8.8 Q2833.2 Ynian2 Ynian3 Wyeom ネン なまず {fresh water catfish} {(kokuji)}
7260 U9c30 B195 S21 V6903 MN46414 MP12.0765 P1-11-10 I11a10.2 Q2530.6 Wsin はたはた {sandfish} {(kokuji)}
7265 U9c5a B195 S23 V6918 MN46516 MP12.0773 P1-11-12 I11a12.4 Q2436.1 Yxi3 Wheui きす {sillaginoid} {(kokuji)}

And here are some from KANJD212, which lists supplementary characters from the JIS X 0212-1990 standard.

3031 U4e44 B4 S2 N126 H3372 P4-2-4 V33 MN116 O7 し.める して {to find a place to dwell} {sum} {measurement of paper} {to do} {adding up} {bundle} {8.5 lb} {(kokuji)}
3f63 U6318 B64 S9 N1891 P1-3-6 V2137 MN12081 むし.る むしりと.る {pluck} {pick} {tear} {(kokuji)}
435f U685b B75 S10 N2246 P1-4-6 V2648 MN14796 カセ かせ {reel} {hank} {skein} {(kokuji)}
437a U68bb B75 S11 N2267 P1-4-7 V2687 MN14911 しきみ {grave tree} {(kokuji)}
463e U6bee B82 S11 XJ05d5b P1-7-4 MN16856 むし.る {to pull out hair, etc.} {(kokuji)}
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