Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


OK, today I installed Windows on the larger hard drive, then Encarta, the Sims (including Vacation, for which I hadn't had the drive space previously without shifting around partitions), and an Internet connection.

And I didn't even have to call the expensive customer service number to get my computer to talk to the ISDN adapter the way I did last time I (re-)installed Windows! I was pretty glad about that; it just worked "out of the box".

Now I still have to install all the other tons of programs I regularly use, and copy over the data from my existing hard drive... might as well re-download most of the programs in order to get fresh copies of such things as ActivePerl (5.8.0 is out apparently), Acrobat Reader, Opera, etc.

And using the other hard drive requires re-attaching the cable in a different place as well as activating or hiding the partition so that drive letters on my old hard drive don't change while the new one is connected. Still, it works! (And thanks to Partition Magic's DOS version and its bootable disks.)
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