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Went to lookup a FAQ on LiveJournal this morning... they switched the site scheme on me! Suddenly, it was in Xcolibur instead of the Dystopia I had become used to.

I was not particularly pleased. Went to /manage/siteopts.bml and switched back, but that set a cookie with my scheme preference—so it'll probably still be "messed up" in my other browsers which don't have this cookie set and I'll have to select it all over again.

Edit: Ah, I see there's an announcement in news about this. It seems to have garnered quite a few comments, too (1048 right now).

Edit: Hm, it does seem to remember my scheme choice with my user. At any rate, in two other browsers on this machine, it gave my Dystopia as soon as I logged in (though it was Xcolibur before that). I'm slightly mollified now.

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