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Kanji mood theme

I thought I'd play around with custom mood themes and create a kanji mood theme (alphabetical order by mood name, tree view showing which mood inherits from which).

Edit: You're welcome to use my mood theme images! But if you do so, please copy them to a server of your own so you're not using my bandwidth. I'm providing a ZIP file and a tarball with the images so you can upload them all at once rather than having to copy one at a time from the moodtheme listing. Pick one archive or the other; both contain the same files. The tarball is smaller (6K vs 16K), but the ZIP file is probably easier to work with if you're on a Windows system.

The file also contains a file called "console.txt" that contains the commands necessary to set up the mood theme; just replace "" with the URL you have uploaded the images to and "17068" with the number of your mood theme, then paste the entire file into the box in the admin console.

Oh, and if you use my mood theme, I'd appreciate it if you drop me a line (email address is in my userinfo) to say so, just so I have an idea of how many people use it.

Edit 2: There's now also a set of kanjitheme images in white-on-transparent-black, for use on dark backgrounds. Fetch it as a ZIP file or a tarball.

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