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Module::Build and Lingua::Klingon::Collate

I just wrote my first Perl module that uses Module::Build to install itself (the KoolAid I tasted at YAPC::Europe seemed good). Took me a little while to get my head wrapped around it but I finally managed to get it to do what it was supposed to.

The module I wrote was Lingua::Klingon::Collate, soon coming to a CPAN mirror near you. It'll let you sort Klingon words in Klingon alphabetical order (so "ngan" comes after "nob").

While I was at it, I also wrote Lingua::Klingon::Segment, which splits up Klingon words into syllables and letters, so now you know that "monghom" is "mon-ghom" / "m-o-n-gh-o-m" but "mongHom" is "mong-Hom" / "m-o-ng-H-o-m" (that is, the "g" belongs to a different syllable).

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