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The last couple of days

Wednesday: Wanted to go to Sonny with Thomas and the elders to teach the second new member discussion. But first, we went to the Prims because Jonas was ill (Mareike said she suspected scarlet fever). We talked a little, then Elder Nealey gave him a blessing. Thomas called Sonny on his mobile phone and found out that he wouldn't have been able to make the appointment anyway as he had to work overtime that evening.

Thursday: Thomas and I were supposed to go home teaching to Grzans, but he sent me e-mail during the day telling me that they couldn't make it that evening, either.

Friday: André Scholz is moving into our ward now. He had helped me move into my flat on the fourth floor when I moved into Harburg (he was elders quorum president then), so I felt obliged to help him here, too.

He had said he'd be at the new address at half past seven. I thought it might be a bit earlier and was there at ten to seven. André wasn't there, but the previous owner was; he was just moving out the last of his own things. He let me into the new flat and basically turned it over to me since André wasn't there yet when he left (mostly pointing out where he had left the keys and what they were for).

Christian Fuchs came at around half past seven; André (with his mother and Patrick Werle) showed up at around a quarter to eight. It was good that Christian and I had come, because there was quite a lot to move and André was already rather exhausted from loading everything into the van; it would have taken probably a couple of hours longer had they been alone.

I didn't help with the heaviest items (washing machine, a cupboard, and a desk) but I helped with most of the rest, e.g. cartons of clothes, or chairs.

Saturday: I noticed that some of the recent virus emails had *****SPAM***** in their subjects and had a look at it. Apparently, the SpamAssassin configuration on my main email host was tuned to apply a score of 100 to mails with an .exe attachment. However, the rule in my mail delivery script that filtered out spam marked in this manner to a mailbox of its own didn't catch if the message was sent to an address culled from Usenet, so I moved the spam check up above that.

Maybe now I can go back to Alt+F, H again to pick up messages (Check and send mail) rather than needing Alt+F, S (Selective mail download—so I can delete the virus messages from the POP3 mailbox without having to download them), and I won't have to deal with such a full inbox at work (where each attachment-carrying spam turns into two messages if you count the notification from the mail scanner; see my rant on this).

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