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Buy one, get a discount

We went shopping for Christmas presents today, and Stella also wanted to get a good warm scarf or a hood or something.

She had seen some interesting scarf-cum-hoods at a booth at the Christmas market, so we went there. They were €15 for one or €15 for two.

While we were standing there looking at them, another couple came along and also started looking at them. I suggested, jokingly, that they could buy one together with us and get it more cheaply that way.

At first, the woman misunderstood me and suggested we exchange addresses and then she could wear the hood in the winter and bring it over to Stella to wear for the summer :) But then she understood that she meant buy two hoods together in order to take advantage of the discount.

After a while she agreed and said, "Yes, let's really do that."

Then, her partner said said he'd also take one and the lady at the booth said that if we bought three, then each would be only €12. So Stella got €0.50 back from the €12.50 she had already paid, and the couple paid €24 for both of theirs. So they only saved €1 but we saved €3 :D

We also bought a nutcracker there as a present -- we had seen a similar one elsewhere that we had considered getting them as it seemed more solid, but the model at the scarf booth was cheaper. So we saved there as well!
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