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Journal anniversary :: train tickets :: phone card :: dentist :: pinkbacks :: home teaching

Well, General Conference is coming up again… this must mean that it's nearly my journal's anniversary, since I'm fairly sure the first thing I wrote in here is some notes from last year's autumn General Conference.

*checks* Ah, yes. Journal created 2 October 2002, first entry on 7 October 2002.

Yesterday, I went to inquire what train tickets to Kiel and back cost, for when we're visiting Debora in ten days' time. All fairly confusing. The options I was given were:

And doing some research at home, I saw that I could save even more money by buying a zone 10 Kleingruppenkarte on the way back, which won't get us all the way to Hamburg but as far as Elmshorn, and from there we can both ride on my ticket since it'll be a Sunday. That'll be €21.40 for the way back or €42.40 both ways. And if I buy the Schleswig-Holsten-Ticket in advance, we can use it to ride to the main station, since it's valid in the local public transport network as well.

I also transferred the money on my old phone card (which expired about a year ago) to a new one; it was nearly full (11.01 DM of 12 DM) so that was good. Now I have another two years to spend the €5.63 they gave me… though given how seldomly I use public telephones, I might have to transfer at least some of that money to a new card.

In the evening, I had a dentist's appointment. One of my teeth was nagging me; apparently, something had caught in a little pouch between my tooth and gum and was irritating me, but it came out by myself, so the dentist just applied a little ointment to the spot and did a general check-up. Which was good because I hadn't been this year, and you have to go yearly for at least five consecutive years in order to get extra money from the health insurance.

I read that America is planning to introduce coloured banknotes (one story here). Amusing, since I've seen a fair number of Americans mock European banknotes as "Monopoly money" because it comes in different colours. According to one news story, some are calling the new peach-coloured $20 bill a "pinkback", by analogy with "greenback".

This evening, I tried to go home teach Sonny again, but he had to work longer. A little annoying, since Thomas, the elders, and I had come in vain. Perhaps we should try to teach him on Sundays after church, since he can't tell in advance how long he'll have to work each day.


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