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Sailor Moon: Recommended Dose

It all started with trying to figure out what teshiron's displayed name means—"Ryan - Tsukini kawatte, oshiokiyo!". Part of the confusion was that I didn't know what the kanji for it were (for example, is "kawatte" 変わって or 代わって?)

Googling for that phrase brought up a song with the title "Tsukini kawatte oshiokiyo" and a bit more research seemed to say that it's a phrase used by Sailor Moon to intimidate opponents and means something like "In the place of the moon (i.e. representing it?), I will punish you!". Apparently the kanji are 月に代わってお仕置よ.

Googling for that brought up a page which describes the series briefly. I ran it through Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Text Translation service [actually, I used a German mirror] and was particularly amused by the following:


which means, as far as I could make out, something like

[Caution on dosis]
Please limit the dosage to one time only. If you watch more than three times, poisoning symptoms will occur; in the worst case, rehabilitation in society will become impossible. In particular, it's fair to say that possessing both the anime and the original work [on which it is based?], Touei laserdisks, or a Mubic[?] cassette collection, or confiscating your daughter's Nakayoshi and reading it avidly, are all terminal symptoms.

(Corrections on the translation are welcome.)

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