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Testing general conference

So I wanted to find out whether I could listen to General Conference audio streams with the software I had installed...

I wandered over to the church's website, found the GC broadcast page, and had a look at "How To Listen". There was a link there that said "Test your media player" (or something like that.)

That brought me to a 404 page; not very confidence-inspiring in the first place. At the bottom, that 404 page said something like "Copyight". I wondered what kind of domain that was—Yah sounded like "Yahweh", so I thought, maybe something vaguely religious.

When I went there, it looked like one of those search portals put up by domain-grabbers. Not only that, but it opened up a bunch of popups, at least one of which was on a site called "" and wanted to download an executable file. Gee, thanks. (FWIW: 0190 is the German telephone number prefix for "premium rate" services.)

I think a link from the church's web site was probably the last place I'd expect to find a Trojan dialer app and a flurry of popups.

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