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Secret Santa's Coming To Town

When I came home, there was a small parcel lying on the kitchen table. I asked Stella whether it was for me, and she said yes. She asked me whether it contained A Book (inside joke), and I said I didn't know; I didn't remember whether I still had an outstanding order.

Then I had a look at it and the customs declaration said it contained three books and a postcard. Was this…?

I opened it up and looked inside. Indeed—it was a gift from my secret support Santa. Squee! I was so happy!

My secret Santa sent me:

Wow. Good choices :) Certainly the pocket references, I think, will stand me in good stead. The third book doesn't sound familiar, but the title rings a bell somewhere; something to do with computers, I think.

And they said that from my Amazon wishlist, they thought they had an idea of what my tastes were and had ideas what they could send me. I'm so excited!

Hm, I wonder who it could be? The postcard was a picture postcard from Seattle, but the parcel was postmarked Boston, MA (and the return address was in Cambridge—the name didn't ring a bell; I presume it was neighbours/friends of Santa's, or maybe even remailers). Suspense!

Anyway. Santa, if you're reading this: Thank you very much! Your gift made me very happy.

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