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Friday Five, nyxie style

(From a post in aajwind's journal)

How long have you had an online journal? That would be around September 2002, under a different username (which still exists but doesn't see much traffic). I created this journal with an invite code from that one after about a month or so and I've had pne since then.

Was LiveJournal your first online journal, or were you using another service before LJ? LiveJournal was the first. I've also got accounts on a whole host of LiveJournal clones but have never used them much. I intended them originally in order to be able to do support on those sites in case I got bored with LiveJournal's support board on any given day *g*.

The only other journal I've written more than two or three entries in is my DeadJournal account, and even that hasn't got very much in the way of content.

Have you ever kept a paper journal, and if so, what sorts of things did you write in it? Yes, I kept a paper journal on and off for several years, since I was fairly young. However, I tended to write irregularly, sometimes letting months go by with no entries.

Mostly I wrote about things that happened, not so much what went on inside my head. (Though sometimes I'd write about what I thought about things that had happened. But there wasn't much soul-searching or exploring or setting down my deepest thoughts.)

Do you tend to write in your journal for yourself, or for others? That's an interesting question, and there's a post percolating at the back of my mind about this subject that I'll probably write one of these days :)

I'd say that I most write for myself, just because it's fun writing some things down. But deep down, I'm a bit insecure sometimes and want to belong; this sometimes tempers my desire to make an entry because I worry about whether my LiveJournal friends will be interested in reading that entry and if I make too many boring entries, whether they'll de-friend me. Sometimes I also worry about not making enough "interesting" entries.

But mostly I write what comes into my head.

Which of your current set of user picture icons is your favorite, and why? My favourite? Hm, that depends, I'd say. Some icons I tend to use only in certain situations (for example, I use my peony more in support communities).

If I had to pick one, then probably Martin. I picked him more or less on the spur of the moment because I didn't want to go around any longer without any user picture icon at all, and I had a digital image of Martin around from when Meike took pictures of our stuffed animals.

And now I've had him for so long that I have a hard time contemplating a different default userpic.

I also like my dolphin userpic ("dolphin on crack", as Ela says), since I think he looks very happy. He's based on a cross-stitch pattern for a pillow which I transferred pixel by pixel into a drawing program.

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