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Moving overseas

Stella was saying that she wouldn't mind moving to another country but that if I intended to do so, I should make up my mind fairly soon and not just consider it as a possibility.

She said she wouldn't mind at all moving to Great Britain or Switzerland, but would follow me anywhere I wanted to go. (Except it shouldn't be dangerous due to wild/dangerous/poisonous animals, which rules out Australia for her, natural catastrophes such as hurricanes or flooding or earthquakes, or similar things—hence "Great Britain" rather than "United Kingdom", since she thinks people in Northern Ireland get shot down on the streets every day.)

Any suggestions? Personally, GB sounds interesting right now, but I'm not sure which corner of it. Probably not Leicester, where I have family but where I don't particularly fancy the local accent (I don't know whether I'd like my children speaking to me like that). Maybe somewhere generally south-ish, such as Wiltshire or Kent?

(Vancouver also sounds decent. Especially since I heard that you're not allowed to smoke in restaurants there.)

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