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Is it an Opal? No, it's a pne!

That was fun :)

It all started off when someone pointed out lyke_woah's default userpic, which looks very similar to fweebles's default pic.

opal1159 mentioned it on #lj_support and I had the idea to steal her icon.

A little bit of wrestling with Paint Shop Pro (and a chat with Opal on AIM to ask permission) later, I had a new icon, which I made my default for about a week.

It was fun to see it confusing other support volunteers (especially in one request where there were two very similar icons one right beneath the other [I2 in comms required, or see a screenshot]). It was also kind of fun to see it confusing me—for example, when reloading a support request I had just commented on and thinking that Opal had been quicker than I.

But I think that was enough fun for now. I'll keep the icon around for the time being but it's no longer my default.

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