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On the second day of Christmas...

My family visited today (except for Ireen and Felipe, who are over in Peru), and we exchanged more presents.

Well, Stella and I got the most presents, since the others had exchanged their presents yesterday already.

I got a Latin/German dictionary (twice! my sisters and my parents had had the same idea; now my sister wants to see whether she can get it exchange), a Calvin and Hobbes volume I already had (but forgot to mention on my wishlist when I said which ones I had already), a copy of Computer Science & Perl Programming: Best of The Perl Journal, a pair of working/gardening gloves, a CD of LDS Church Magazines 1971–1999, and a German thesaurus (Duden volume 12). So yay!

Stella got a colour printer, among other things—she had put this on her wishlist but had not realistically expected to get one, but my parents sprung for one. She was a bit fed up at the fact that my printer hasn't worked for about two years or so now. (I'm not sure what's at fault, though: the printer, the connection through the scanner, or my computer. Perhaps we'll see when we try to connect the new one.)

I presume the new one is a GDI printer, as most inkjet printers seem to be these days, which is a bit of a pity, but "gift horse" and all that. And realistically speaking, most of my printing would be done under Windows anyway.

Had some Christmas pudding with custard, played Carcassonne with family, chatted a bit with my dad, and generally had a decent time, though I was still glad when they left. So yay; survived that.

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