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I love Usenet

*sigh* I just wish I had more time to read it; there seem to be so many interesting newsgroups than can be a full-time occupation just by themselves. But I can't bear to read only two or three, so I tend to skim.

Especially newsgroups which have endemic topic drift, so it's hard to tell that a thread (or part of it) will be interesting just from skimming the subject lines. Two particular ones are the Monastery and alt.folklore.computers.

Read some interesting things about washing machines in the States and Europe, for example, in a thread titled "pointless embedded system".

Edit: a bit later down the same thread, people are talking about apple pie and what pastry to use with it, and the impossibility of getting proper Cheddar in the States, and about buying matching socks. See what I said about thread drift?

High volume. But lots of nifty stuff. But not enough time to enjoy it properly. *sighs again*

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