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New Year's Post, Part the Second

Harald and Anika had invited us to spend New Year's Eve with them and Anika's family.

Since Harald had to work in the morning, he suggested he could pick us up on his way back from work, which would be around noon, depending on how much he had to do; this would save him the trip in the evening. We weren't sure so we agreed he'd phone us when setting out and we'd then decide whether to go with him then or wait until the evening.

However, he had forgotten to take our phone number along and simply showed up on our doorstep around one, but Stella had anticipated that and had got everything ready in time.

We watched Dirty Dancing with Anika and Harald. Around six, we left for Köhlers' house.

There, we ate together: raclette. Pretty good. Then we watched Dinner for One, which is traditionally shown on New Year's Eve on German television… I think this year is the fortieth time they've done so. Andrea said she had got sick of it after the umpteenth time she watched it, so she cleared away the dishes while we watched; that way, she got to stay in the kitchen most of the time. Unfortunately, Vanessa was playing around with the remote control and managed to switch the television off right at one of the funniest bits, and it took a little while for the others to figure out how to get the TV on and tuned to the right channel again.

Later on, we played a game called "Alhambra" which won "Game of the Year 2003" in Germany. It took a while to understand, and dragged on for quite a bit (and a couple of people quit near the beginning of the game because they got bored). But it was kind of OK.

At around half-past ten, I lay down on the couch for a little since I was feeling tired; I got up at ten to twelve and we waited for the New Year. We clinked glasses briefly (there has got to be a better way to say "Wir haben angestoßen") and then headed outside to watch the fireworks and let go our own.

I had bought some rockets because I like coloured things; the twins went in more for things which go "bang" loudly. Vanessa got rather scared and went in after a while and watched through the kitchen window.

After all that was over, Harald drove us back home and we went to bed.

Well, not quite; I posted a journal entry quickly after getting home.

She asked me, "You're not seriously going to the computer at this time of night?" When I said I did indeed intend to do so, she asked me, "Don't you think you're a bit addicted?"

I said I didn't think so; I only wanted to post a "Happy New Year" entry. She said, "Couldn't you do that in the morning?" But well, I preferred to do so then. So she said OK.

And afterwards, she was surprised when all I did was indeed post a "Happy New Year" LiveJournal entry; she said that sometimes "just quickly" means half an hour. I suppose it does, sometimes, when I let myself get distracted. (If I had pulled up my Friends page or my email program, for example, it would probably have been hard to keep it quick. But as it was, I connected to the Internet, fired up Semagic, made a quick post, and shut down the computer.)

So, again. Happy New Year everyone!

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