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Games, and Halloumi

Just got back from an evening of playing games at Wintersteins'. Those who had participated in the couples group were invited, and some of their older children were there as well.

Good food (true to the old motto When Mormons meet, they eat), including—halloumi! I'd only seen that once outside of Cyprus.

Gisela said she had bought it at Famila in Buchholz, where they had it on sale. It's a fairly firm cheese, flavoured with mint, apparently, which is good for grilling or frying; I'd eaten it fried in Cyprus (cut it into slices and fry on both sides, either as-is or in a little oil). Yum.

The cheese they had had a URL on the packaging: Perhaps I'll find some elsewhere as well. Ah, natsukashii.

I spent most of the evening playing Wizard with Lara, David, Mandy, and Ulf, since the others were going to play something involving charades or something like that and I wasn't sure I'd like that.

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