Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Logflash and babysitting

Yesterday at work, I recompiled a couple of packages so that we could make an interim release to our customer, so that we could bill them at the end of the year. That took pretty much all day, since I had to compile one package several times since there were some small mistakes (the project leader changed his mind about the version numbers, for example, and due to a database restore the schema of one table wasn't what the SQL preprocessor expected).

So during the time the compiler was churning away, I had a go at memorising Lojban gismu with the Logflash program -- a kind of flash-card approach. I was pretty proud to have around 500 words in my "Under Control" list at the end of the day (up from around 150 at the beginning of the day). That's over a third of the 1300 gismu!

But in the "Gaining Control" mode, it only prompts you for words added to the Under Control list three sessions ago, so I didn't practise the ones I added in the past. Except that occasionally, it mixes some older words in and I was happy that I still remembered them! (For example, ckunu for "conifer" and ctile for "petroleum" -- the latter one took me quite a long time to remember.)

And I was a bit peeved that I didn't read all the way on "affix compound" (lujvo) -- I only read as far as "affix" and so I typed in rafsi, and it dropped out of my Under Control list and I had to go through several sessions before it percolated up again through the various "boxes".

In the evening, I went to Gerulats where Stella was also. Peter and Betting wanted to watch Lord of the Rings II at just after midnight and they wanted us to watch over their children.

Nothing much happened. Since they didn't leave until fairly late, they brought the children to bed themselves at around nine, and around ten, Stella and I went to bed. Bettina said she'd open the door to the room where we'd be sleeping when they left so that we'd hear the children should they wake up during the night, and close it when they get back so we'd know that they would take care of the children.

But we didn't notice any of that: the door was closed when I fell asleep and closed again when I woke up (a bit earlier than usual, at around 5:30 am). I think we both slept fairly well.

Getting to work from there was pretty easy, since the bus that stops near their house is the one that stops near work, so I didn't even have to change yesterday evening nor this morning.

And this evening, I have an appointment with Peter to go home-teaching, but Bettina said yesterday evening that they have a Christmas thing at their daughter's school which he had forgotten about so he probably wouldn't be able to make the appointment. (It's not the first time he creates conflicts on his schedule; he tends to forget about prior appointments.) So we'll have to see; I asked her to have him call me during the day to say whether the appointment is cancelled, rescheduled, or whether we'll go there after all.

Update: 10:20 He just called to cancel the appointment.
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