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Some questions, from marnameow. In her words, Have some questions, and take 'em away and answer them in your own journals.

  • What are you currently reading?
    No books at the moment, only computer magazines. The last book I finished was probably The Soul of a New Machine, which I got from my Secret Santa.
  • How long have you been reading it (or them)? How much longer do you think it will take you to read it?
    I read it in, oh, about ten days? Don't remember.
  • Is it a gobble-in-one-session sort of book, or a read slowly through book, or a pick a page at random now and then book?
    I used to read it on my way to and from work. So about half an hour at a go.
  • Do you ration books and force yourself to read them slowly? What books have you done this with recently?
    No, not really. But I usually end up reading them fairly slowly as I usually read them while travelling, not so much when I'm at home.
  • Do you sometimes *wish* that you'd rationed a book when you get to the end of it?
    Don't think so.
  • What was the last book you bought?
    Bought myself? Oh, this one's hard. Perhaps a used copy of the Shavian edition of Androcles and the Lion.
  • Do you know what book you're going to buy next?
    No. I imagine it'll be a programming book of some sort, though.
  • How many borrowed books are sitting on your shelves?
    About ten; Terry Pratchett books I borrowed from Meike.
  • When will they get given back?
    After I've found the time to read them. Which could take months at the current rate, perhaps even a year or two.
  • How many books of yours are currently on other people's shelves?
    I don't think I've lent any of my books to anyone else just now.
  • When do you expect them to return?
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