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Visiting my family; Spanish thank-you letters

Since Ireen, Felipe, and Emily were away in Peru for Ireen and Emily's birthdays and for Christmas, we had a little post-Christmas family get-together today (without Jennifer, though, who was busy with uni).

We ate raclette together, watched some videos from Peru on Felipe's laptop (and also a couple of graphics demos reminiscent of the ones I saw in the early '90s), and got presents from Ireen and Felipe.

We had already given them theirs before they left, and (at Felipe's request) had also given them small toys to distribute to Felipe's nephews and nieces. They, in turn, had written us letters of thanks, which Felipe distributed today.

I got a spindle of blank CD-Rs which I had asked for, and Stella got a crocheting needle. We also all got a little jar made out of a gourd or something like that, and painted in Peruvian style.

Here are the letters that Stella and I got; one from Joan, a niece of Felipe's, and one from Alicia, Felipe's sister and the mother of Joan. I understood most of them and will Babelfish them to check, but perhaps someone from my friends list (sparkofcreation? asciident?) can check my translation?

(This letter was written on a computer, in ALL CAPS and without accents and with fairly little punctuation. I'll try to convert it to mixed case and add accents and punctuation where I think they might belong, so the orthography and punctuation may be a bit off. Feel free to point them out to me.)

Para: Philip y Stella Newton
De: Joan


¿Cómo están? Espero que muy bien, como yo lo estoy ahora. Tambien a Ustedes quería agradecer por el regalo que me enviaron; por cierto es muy lindo y me gusta bastante, al igual que los otros regalos que estuvieron muy muy lindos y gracias por avermelo enviado desde muy lejos.

y que les vaya muy bien

This is what I understand:

For Philip and Stella Newton, from Joan.


How are you? I hope you are very well, as I am now. I'd also like to thank you for the gift you sent me; it is certainly very pretty and I like it a lot, just like the other gifts which were also very very pretty and thank you for having sent me them from so far away.

and I hope you are doing very well.

Para: phillip y Stella newton, Jenifer Newton y Eleane newton.

Me dió mucho gusto y alegría saber de ustedes y conocerlos un poco, les agradezco bastante por enviar regalos a mis niños Joan, Birzavit, Isaac, Bihanka y Rebbeca; ellos están felices con sus obsequios.

Ireen [my sister] me habló de ustedes un poco. Son una buena familia y desde aquí los aprecio mucho.

Nos gustó a los niños y a mí saber de Ustedes y conocer además a Emili Sussan [Ireen's and Felipe's daughter] a quien quiero mucho, es una niña muy linda.

Me despido deseándoles lo mejor para este año y muchos más, un fuerte abrazo.


My take on this:

For: Philip and Stella Newton, Jennifer Newton, and Elaine Newton

Knowing you and getting you know you a little brought me much joy and happiness. I thank you very much for having sent gifts to my children Joan, Birzavit, Isaac, Bihanka, and Rebbeca; they are happy with their gifts.

Ireen has told me a little about you. You are a good family and I appreciate you a lot from here.

My children and I were pleased to learn about you and to get to know Emily Suzanne better, whom I love a lot. She's a very pretty girl.

I say good-bye and wish you all the best for this year and many more to come. A big kiss.


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