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Smokers, part II

Today I ate in the first meal "shift" because all the regulars in shift two were on holiday, at school, or had left the company (well, there weren't all that many to begin with).

The first shift has a larger proportion of smokers; today we were six people of whom four smoke. One had left early, which left five people, three smokers.

One of the others was getting agitated and wanted to start smoking, whereupon another colleague said "Philip's still eating" (I was the last one to finish). The first one said "Oh, he won't mind", at which the other two smokers shook their heads and the second said "If anyone in the company minds, it'll be Philip". Interesting to hear that my reputation precedes me :)

At any rate, they all politely refrained from smoking until I had finished my meal and left the table. Thank you very much!
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