Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Content / Ask Me Anything

A couple of people voted "this journal is not updated often enough" on my recent poll, so I thought I'd make another one asking about what you like to read.

In the end, I'll only take this as a guideline, since I usually post what I think of posting rather than what people expect me to post, but it does influence the entries I make.

Poll #234681 Content

What sort of entries that I've made do you like reading?

What sort of entries that I've made do you dislike reading?

What sort of things would you like me to write about (more)?

Need more room?

Any other comments on my journal contents?

Ask me anything.

Would you mind if I/Do you want me to list your name next to the answer (if I answer the question)?

Yes, please do / you may do so
Yes, you may do so if the answer is in a friends-only entry
No, please don't
I don't care either way
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