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Naming names

Some users on my friends list I know the real names of, some I don't. In some cases this is because they told me but I forgot :(

Since I'm curious about such things, I'd appreciate it if you'd fill out (all or parts of) this poll if you don't mind my having the information, so I have them in one place. Results are visible only to me.

Poll #235356 naming names

What's your given name?

What's your full name?

When I talk to you directly (e.g. in email, IM, or IRC), what would you prefer that I call you?

When I talk about you (e.g. in an entry), what would you prefer that I call you? Does it depend on whether it's a friends-only entry or a public one?

If you wouldn't mind getting email from me, which email address would you prefer I use?

Any other names I might know you by? (e.g. IRC nicks, bulletin board usernames, IM screen names, etc., especially if they're not in your userinfo but you don't mind my knowing them)

What's your birthday (with or without year of birth), and/or how old are you? (Please specify the month either in letters [e.g. Dec] or in Roman numerals [e.g. XII], since a date such as 02/03/04 is ambiguous otherwise)

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