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Being Homeless

I was surfing my /friendsfriends page today and came across being_homeless (through, I believe, blenrock). She's a person who became homeless after an injury that caused brain damage which has meant she hasn't been able to keep a steady job. No steady income = no home. Yet she's smart and clean; not like a "stereotypical homeless person".

I've just had time to look through her userinfo and some of the posts linked to from it and from her Component sidebar, but it's been interesting.

To be honest, I didn't particularly enjoy reading many of the comments on the posts I read, especially the ones where they all go on about how wonderfully she writes; they seemed to be all very similar and not particularly detailed.

But it sounds like an interesting account of how she copes with her life.

Have a quick read, even if you only look at the articles linked to from her userinfo and sidebar, and think about homeless people and why they may have ended up that way.

Edit: Apparently, she's found an appartment and will soon not be homeless any more.

Edit 2: She writes a lot. As many as 15 posts a day on some days.

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