Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Visiting my sister

This afternoon, Stella and I went to Pinneberg to visit my sister Ireen in the hospital. Stella was really anxious to see her first niece :)

I knew that the S3 only went to Pinneberg every 20 minutes on Sundays, so I looked up a good connection with a program so that we wouldn't have to wait too long anywhere. I was amused to see that the program suggested a connection with the R70 line -- the medium-distance trains which used not to be usable with tickets from the local public transport organisation. And it was 15 minutes quicker to change into that train in Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) than just staying in the S3 until Pinneberg! So we did that. (I was also amused to find that a connection directly to the bus stop nearest the hospital sent us via Schnelsen or Niendorf-Nord rather than Pinneberg, even though that's the closest S-Bahn station.)

So we got to Pinneberg and walked through the forest to the hospital. Fortunately, it was well signposted. We found Ireen alone in her room; her roommate was out. We talked to her a little. After a while her roommate came in with her mother; she had had her daughter two days ago. Ireen's Emily is four days old already.

Apparently, the baby wasn't 53 cm long as Felipe had said but "only" 52 cm (20.5 inches).

We gave Ireen her birthday present (Duden: Die deutsche Rechtschreibung) as well as a pillow cover for the baby that Stella had embroidered. She thanked us for them. Stella also left the latest issue of Eltern with Ireen.

After a while, four friends came in (two sisters and their husbands) to visit Ireen and they chatted a little.

While they were there, the nurse came in; apparently, the roommate had called her because while her daughter was hungry, she wasn't drinking, and she wasn't sure whether she was doing anything wrong. The nurse was very helpful and showed her how to hold the child and how to help it find the nipple. She also said that one would think that after having nursed for a couple of times, they'd have got the hang of it, but that some children act stupid every time and it takes them some days to figure out how to do it. So patience is required :).

The nurse also offered to lend the young mother a specially-shaped pillow (like a U) which would take the weight off her arm and enable her to be more comfortable. She also encouraged the woman to call her again if the baby lost its grip or when it was time for the other breast, since she said it's often fairly difficult for both babies and young mothers and she'd be happy to help. (A bit later she did indeed come in again when it was time for the other breast.)

When Ireen's guests were gone, she got up because she thought Emily would be hungry soon. She sat down on a chair by the window and we talked a bit more, then she took Emily out of the little bassinet(?). (She said one problem with such a heavy baby is that it's quite a bit of work to take out of the bassinet.) She had one of those U-shaped pillows of her own (though the cover was on loadn from the hospital since Emily had vomited all over the original one :D) and had a go at getting Emily to nurse. It took a bit of patience and coaxing for her, too, but she finally got her to do her thing. Emily only went for one breastful, though, and then fell asleep.

We left after about an hour and a half. Missed the bus and the train :) but took the next one. Got home around 19:15.

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