January 5th, 2005



Germany's Ministry of the Interior has suggested that all Germans observe three minutes of silence at 12:00 today on behalf of the victims of the tsunami.
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New card reader

Today, I bought an external flash card reader since our internal one is unreliable and tends to be unavailable whenever I need it (the drives simply don't appear in Explorer).

So of course, when Stella switched off the computer tonight, it decided to bluescreen—and when I switched off the power at the back and restarted it, the internal card reader worked, as it tends to do after a hard restart after a bluescreen. Gah.

On the other hand, tricking it by turning off the power at the power supply and turning it back on doesn't tend to make it reappear when it's gone AWOL again, so I think I'll keep the external drive. Either the internal one will go wonky again in a week or so, as it did the past several times, or the mere presence (threat?) of the external one will make it work properly. Either way, it'll be €9 well spent, I'd say.

Still, vaguely annoyed.

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