September 11th, 2006

Amy 2010, Amy

New Amy pictures

New pictures of Amy: Pictures from Amy’s second birthday.

Also a couple of other recent pictures, mostly of her, in my Flickr account.

I’m also uploading my first videos to YouTube: three videos of Amy, one of her seeing her presents for the first time, one of her sliding down a slide she got just before her birthday (and then turning to arranging some chairs before becoming frustrated), and one of her in a swing she also got recently.

I'll link to them when they’re done.

(And I really should make a new ‘Amy’ userpic.)

Amy 2010, Amy

Amy videos

As I mentioned before, here are some Amy videos:

  1. Amy on her new slide… then getting sidetracked into arranging the furniture. (And it all ends in tears.) Words you hear from Amy include “nochmal?” (again), “okay”, and “Stuhl” (chair).
  2. Amy’s second birthday. Amy comes into the living room and sees her presents. Daddy helps her blow out her candles.
  3. Amy in her swing, having lots of fun. You can hear her say something like “schaukeln” (to swing in German).