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Philip Newton

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Doctor Fun

OK, I had a go at writing a little script that'll screen-scrape the "current week" Doctor Fun page and produce an RDF file. I primed it with the last three weeks' worth so that there are fifteen items in the queue.

(This also means that my friends page now has fifteen huge Doctor Fun items, since they were all read in at once... part of the price you pay, I suppose.)

Have to see how things fare in the coming week, whether it correctly handles changing entries, adding entries one-by-one, and so on.

Also added an .htaccess file to ensure that *.rdf is treated as application/xml;charset=utf-8.

Oh, and in case someone else wants in on the fun: drfun. Still in alpha testing, as I said. Don't be surprised if things change. (On the other hand, don't be surprised if things break and nothing changes to get them un-broken again.) Don't publicise the feed yet, if you read this, since things aren't completely set up yet.
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