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Philip Newton

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I just went shopping for lunch and for this afternoon, where there'll be a theatre production by the children of our ward and we were asked to bring some "finger food".

I noticed someone selling Hinz und Kunzt outside the supermarket, a newspaper sold by homeless people; they get to keep about half of the sales price (80¢ of €1.50). I confess I wasn't particularly interested in the contents but I decided to give him something after I came out, when I had some small change—mostly because of having read User: being_homelessCrystal's journal.

When I was done shopping, he wasn't there any more, but his newspapers were lying on the ground. I looked around and saw him enjoying a cup of coffee in the bakery next to the supermarket, so I went in and offered to buy a newspaper. He went out, sold me a newspaper, and then went back to his coffee.

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